“Our Customers Speak”
I found your products to be quite beneficial in their effects on my skin but was recently astounded when I discovered that your moisturizer has other qualities beyond being an excellent moisturizer.  The palm of my right hand was extremely chapped, cracked, scaly, red and painfully sore. When picking up a book, the “life line” area of my palm would sometimes crack and bleed slightly. Tried using rubber gloves while washing dishes and applied other creams to my right palm with no improvement. One night as I was applying your moisturizer cream to my face, I rubbed some of the cream into my long suffering hand as well, not really expecting it to help. There was improvement over night!! Excited and delighted by this I continued to rub your moisturizer into my right palm several times a day and kept a small container of it in my office, using it there as well. I was astonished to find that my hand was healing dramatically! The healing continued to the point where  I no  longer needed to see a Dermatologist, for if I had, he would have thought me a hypochondriac if he now saw my hand which had literally revived within a few weeks of using your moisturizer on it.  I want to thank Lite Cosmetics for its excellent line of creams.  Their ingredients are sheer magic to me. I especially recommend  your moisturizer to any man, woman or child with a persistent skin condition such as the one I had. I’m enclosing my check in payment of another jar of your moisturizer. I wouldn’t be without it! ………. Sincerely and Gratefully yours,  Jeanne M. New York City
“What does the Diva herself consider the ultimate in cosmetics and skin care?” For my personal makeup bag and skin care routine, I have definite favorites. These products have impressed me time and again with their quality and performance. If you are searching for the best of the best, read on! Best non-SPF moisturizer.
Best eye cream  Lite Cosmetics Wrinkle Cream  …….  Make-up Diva, Cosmetic Connection.
An anti- aging treatment that really lives up to it’s name. I squeeze it in the palm of my hand and put it all over my face neck and hands, wait a few moments then apply the make up. That young moist look lasts all day.  …………..  Mildred, Age 72,   New York City
If you are looking for a good, basic eye cream that’s gentle enough even for contact lens wearers, this one from Lite Cosmetics is a good choice.
After using the cream for a week, I can’t say that I look any younger, but my skin does look smoother and much less dry and flaky. My usually weather-sensitive skin felt soft and protected even in the worst Oregon wind. It looks so smooth and even-toned that I have felt comfortable to go out without makeup on several occasions! …………..Heather Kleinman
For people who can not stand alpha hydroxies on their dry and sensitive skin, this product is it!  Just put a thin layer on your face at night and by morning you will wake up to a  moist smooth clear skin. Your acne will be gone. Your pores smaller and your tone will be even, smooth, moist and firm. ………….Rachel; Age 37 from Kansas City, USA 
If you love natural products, I really think you will like this line……. S P Bragg – your About.com Guide