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"For Disturbed Skin & Spider Veins, Itches and Bruises"
Vitamin K Cream - "Quick healing"         K-Cream40z

Vitamin K Cream10% VITAMIN K CREAM, in 2 oz jar and 4 oz jar, with organic and botanical anti-oxidents is excellent for troubled skin and spider veins, scars, itchy skin, razor burns and bruises with professional strength 10% Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Pycnogenol®. Use before and after surgical procedures including sclerotherapy and liposuction to minimize postoperative bruising. Previously available only through plastic surgeons and dermatologists to promote faster healing after surgery. Small spider veins disappear instantly.  Effective on diabetic rashes also.

Vitamin k Cream has no dyes and no perfumes and smoothes on evenly and contains natural, organic and botanical ingredients, and is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

Vitamin K Cream with Pycnogenol® has the following additional benefits;

  • Multiplies collagen (a skin protein) and elastin binding, improving skin
  • Smoothness and elasticity
  • Slows the wrinkling process
  • Suppresses inflammatory enzymes, decreasing puffiness and swelling.
  • Obstructs histamine formation, reducing allergic skin reactions
  • Strengthens capillaries, arteries and veins, thus reducing leakage and color lines.
  • Reduces the risk of swelling.
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Slightly dampen or moisten with warm water preferably with a warm wash cloth to ensure the pores are open. 
Apply K-Cream twice a day directly to the damaged skin or spider vein area. For best results rub lightly and vigorously into skin. Some spider veins may return. After achieving desired results, it is recommended to use K Cream once a day, three days a week to prevent the spider veins from resurfacing. 
K Cream can be applied under make-up, however it is recommended that you wait at least 15 minutes after applying it. Time of results may vary. 
This is due to factors such as: the severity of the problem, skin type, thickness of the skin and the PH balance of the skin. 
Do not apply into eyes or open wounds.


Since the birth of my children, I suffered from ugly spider veins down the back of my legs. I went to my doctor to ask about injections. He told me not to do it because it still had a lot of bad side effects and could leave my legs uglier. He said to just leave the spider veins alone. So I tried the Vitamin-K Cream  and was amazed at the results. Within three days I saw it working, and my spider veins cleared up in just four weeks. I wish more doctors knew about this product because so many women are having lasers or shots in their veins without good results.
     --Patricia P., El Centro, CA. 

I was diagnosed with amyloidosis and began taking medications. So far, I feel pretty good except for bright red blotches that have appeared all over my body. I tried expensive over-the-counter as well as prescription creams, but none helped. I was ashamed to go out in public, as people would stare at me and some of my friends would question me about the blotches. Recently I tried Vitamin-K Cream. Within a week the blotches began disappearing and now they are almost gone! I am overjoyed!! It is like a miracle to me, I cannot express how grateful I am!
     --lmogene P., Mt. Vernon, NY.

I purchased Vitamin-K Cream for bruises, but the most wonderful thing is that it actually does lighten surgical scars. Less than a year ago, I had two operations and my scars are extensive. My husband and I can hardly believe the improvement. It's wonderful that your product, the Vitamin-K Cream, actually does more than advertised.
     --Mary C., New Orleans, LA.

I've had spider veins around my knees and calves from working on my feet for years. I had an expensive injection treatment and the veins reappeared in the same areas a year later. I tried Vitamin-K Cream, and my friends, some of whom have had multiple treatments for the same spider veins laughed at my naiveté in believing a cream could work on these much used legs. A week after using Vitamin-K Cream my friends are begging me for the information as to where they could buy Vitamin-K Cream My veins are almost gone and I saw results from the first day!!! Thanks for the chance to say Thanks!!!
     --May M., Levereff, MA.

I have suffered with spider veins on my nose for many years. No amount of makeup or cosmetic tricks would cover them (at least not for very long). I worried about them constantly, as they were dark red. Since I began using Vitamin-K Cream (about two months ago) I've been joyfully watching them fade away!! So far, two veins are completely gone, and the rest of them are very faint (only a minimal application of foundation covers them for hours!). I have some broken capillaries on my leg and they are also disappearing!
     --Karen R., Mt. Vernon, NY.

I was at the point of giving up and never being able to wear shorts or 'no hose' again. After having three children and being 38 years old, I had extensive spider veins on both legs to the point where I was not comfortable in public. I saw an ad for Vitamin-K Cream so I purchased my first jar in early October and saw a vast difference by the time the jar was finished.
     --Susan D., Humble, TX.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your company's Vitamin-K Cream is to me. For the last several years I have had to wear long sleeve shirts even during the summer, to try and hide the black spots that I would get on my arms and hands from bumps and cuts. My skin was just like tissue paper and would tear very easily. I would constantly have to have band aids and neosporin ointment handy so when my skin would tear I could try to get it back together. Since using your Vitamin-K Cream product I no longer have to wear long sleeve shirts to hide my arms and hands. My skin is in better shape now and I do not bruise easily. Your product is a lifesaver to me. I no longer feel self conscious about my arms and hands. I love the freedom I have being able to wear the clothes that I want to wear. Thank you for this wonderful product.
     --Margaret M., West Fork, AR.